Keeping The Castle

Brigit B. and Delaney S.

Althea Crawley

Blabber mouth, Caring, Beautiful
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If the setting was in ireland, they would have gotten to swim in lakes because there wouldn't be a minesaft underneath the water. They would of had different food at their picnic because of the different culture. They would have to search for their sheep instead of Alexander and Fiddo. They would raise and sell cattle to earn money so they can get out of depth and fix their home. They would live in a cottage home instead of a crooked castle.

Questions For Althea

1. In you own words, how would you describe Mr. Fredericks being a good father and husband?

2. How would you react if Mr. Fredericks left you for Miss Vincy, and Lord Boring wanted you to become Lady Boring?

3. How would you react if your future children marries one of Lord Boring's future children?

4. What would you tell Lord Boring, if he said he would build you a new castle if you would marry him?

Questions for Alexander

1. How would you react if Althea asked you if you wanted to come live with her and Mr. Fredericks since they were getting married soon?

2. If you could only take two things from the castle, what would they be and why?

3. How would you feel if Mr. Fredericks rebuilt the castle on a safer plot of land?

4. If you met the sick little boy Leon, Miss Vincy's son, what game would you play with him and why?