Weekly Updates

September 12, 2013

Welcome 12 Week Students!

12 week students will begin working on Monday, September 16. All students should be enrolled in your class on Monday. Be sure to release grades for these students and double check to make sure they are enrolled in the correct group. Don't forget to remind them of your upcoming Welcome session!

Assignment Due Date!

Don't forget to remind students of the assignment due date this Friday for 18, 16, and 14 week schedules!

Professional Development

Thursday, Sep. 26th 2013 at 7:30pm

This is an online event.

Analytics: Intermediate and Advanced and GaVS Instructional Practices

Dr. Joe Cozart and Rich Copeland

Edmodo Code: sppabf

Adobe Connect Session: 26 September 2013, 7:30 p.m.

September Professional Development Series

Important Reminders!


  • Contact parents of failing students.
  • Update Communication Log with parent/student/facilitator contact information.
  • Teachers do not have access to the SLDS through the GaVS portal. However, public school teachers can access the SLDS through their school's GaDOE portal.

    Google Docs - Share Settings

    • Please be sure to check share settings on your google docs. If you have selected “Anyone with link”, for security reasons, please change share setting to “People at Georgia Virtual with link” or “Private - Only the people listed below can access”.

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    GaVS Policy - Upcoming Fall Breaks

    • Students should stay on the GaVS schedule that they choose upon entering their course. Even if the local school breaks do not coincide with the GaVS break, students must meet the assignment due dates.
    • Students should communicate their school breaks with their teacher as soon as possible and if necessary discuss with their instructor how to get ahead.
    • Please post information regarding Fall breaks in your course news/course updates.


    September requirements
    • All instructors should add one artifact of professional development. The activity can be from any experience from June 2013 - current. Artifacts of professional development should have a brief reflection on the value of the experience.
    • All instructors should add a reflection on the utility of data sources available at quizzes or discussions.
    • New Teachers will assemble Professional profile with help from Just In Time Training and Mentor assistance.
    • ePortfolio videos added to Teacher Toolbox
        • What’s New in ePortfolio 10.2
        • Unclutter Your ePortfolio
    • Sharing your ePortfolio: Check out the video below!

    Sharing and Viewing ePortfolios video 1

    Special Request!

    Your opinion is greatly needed! Educators are constantly asked to use data. Georgia has a Statewide Longitudinal Data System in place. Your opinions about data use and SLDS are important when considering how to sustain and support this system. The following survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. There are 10 questions. Please write in complete sentences and feel free to elaborate on your thoughts and opinions. There are no right or wrong answers and you will not be asked to identify yourself. The survey is totally anonymous.

    Click Here for the Survey

    Mickey Carroll

    Portrait of a Teacher's Life by Mickey Carroll