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I just have to say I go all agog when I get to attend The Container Store. (We don't have one in Utah). I am aware it's sad but true. I use containers constantly in every room. I can go in terms of to express I love containers. They are great to store things in, contain things in, make things get magically organized and stay that way. That being said listed here are two containers I recommend not buying: (I is going to be bold and say, don't find them or you is likely to be sorry).Container Store

The shoe rack that seem like they are made from PVC pipe, put simply, two thin pipes at the top and two on the bottom. Associated with: the shoes just won't remain on, I finally identified by putting them on backwards they will stay. Even chances are they need to be placed gingerly on the rod in order for them to stay. Everyone within my home finds that to be always a bother. They just want to slap the shoes down and be done. Don't get me wrong-I like shoe racks of kinds. I just found one in The Container Store catalog that holds 30 footwear and fits on the back of a door. You will find other over the doorway racks that hold fewer, you will find free standing ones that work great once the shoes fit flat to them in addition to some that hang from the rod within the closet. A boot rack of some type is a must because the ground of the closet stays tidy and you will find your shoes when you want them.

One other container I say not to buy can be an accordion file. Now these look wonderful and you can sort and file by month, date and alphabetically but they are a pain. Why? Simply because they take two hands and the chin or shoulder to get anything in or out of them. That's a waste of time if you ask me and I don't like wrestling with my containers.

In the February/March 2008 issue of Shop Smart magazine they list four NOT SO HOT organizing tools that just add to the clutter.

1. Accordion files. Enough said.

2. Space bags. As a specialist organizer I discover the heavy black (cheaper) plastic bags work as well. Just use your vacuum to suck out the air and then tie tight. It is tons easier when two are working together. I don't recommend the room bags either as I know several individuals who have used them and they've split open.

3. Containers with rims. "They stick out either towards the top or bottom-or both-waste space. Opt for the sort that sit flush against one another." Having read that I visited the store to get more containers for my storage room. The size I needed had rims that stuck out. I stood there arguing with myself thinking I had to have the ones without rims. I bought those with rims. (I didn't want to see another store). Now the room each goes in they work great due to the kind of shelf each goes on.

4. Cardboard Boxes. "Can weaken or be damaged with normal use, but especially in garages and other potentially damp areas ".Some actually say on the box how long things could be stored in them. But if you're in an environment with humidity definite use heavy plastic containers for many things. If you are storing for a short time and without humidity, cardboard boxes are fine. Keep in mind to label what is in them.

Take into account the containers you is likely to be using, the point, the space and the amount of time before deciding on what is right or wrong for you. You will find an array of containers for all of our different wants and needs. Buy what you need and what you like, don't just buy to get as then it becomes clutter rather than containers.