Cool Origami Cameras

How to make Origami Cameras

By Chethana Varma

Do you want to make an Origami Camera? With these easy to follow steps you can succesfully make as many Origami Cameras as you like!




1- Start by folding a square piece of paper in half diagonally.

2- Then, fold another diagonal line in the other direction to form a cross.

3- Next, grab each corner of the square and bring it towards the centre where the cross is.

4- For the next step, flip the paper over to the other side and repeat Step 3.

5- After that, flip the paper over to the other side and repeat step 3.

6- Once you have done that, flip the paper over and pull all four corners.

7- Next, turn the paper around and pull on two parralel folds, so your paper looks like this (see diagram).

8-Then, push near the middle of the page to create two right angle (a 90 degree angle) triangles that stand up.

9- Finally, bring both of the triangles side by side and fold tips together so they are looked with each other.


You have now made an Origami Camera. To use the camera, press down gently in the middle of the camera at the back. Hope you have fun taking photos with your paper camera! Look at the picture I took with my amazing Origmai Camera!