China Warfare

By: Shayne Hooper

China Warfare

China had a really big army. They were the best of all of Asia. From archers to Samurais

and Chariots to warriors, the China had it all. This Smore tells it all of the great ancient China warfare.

Who started war in China?

The Zhou Dynasty were the ones who started war in ancient china. The first war took place between the Zhou and the Shang Dynasties. It was a long brutal war. The battle were between two rivers. The Shang lost to the Zhou. The Shang knew that they would take revenge.

Where did most battles take place?

Most of the battles and wars took place in the Northwest of China. They were long wars. Most wars were between dynasties. They would fight over new land or their own territory.

The battles would end with at least 15 soldiers left. Every side was as good as the other one.

Weapons and Armor

How did wars start?

Wars would would start with the Emperor Pageantry. Then the soldiers would line up and the battle would start. Emperor would receive news of who won the battle from messengers who would actually go on the battlefield.

Why did warfare come into place?

Battles first started with chinese states frequently fought against each other and against outsiders. The Ancient Chinese river valley civilization was engaged in military activity. That was the dawn of warfare. Chinese armies were tasked with the goal of defending china from intruders to protect there territories.
Ancient China: Warfare