la Nourriture de France

(The food of France)


France is the most annually visited country in the world.

The average salary is about $26,000.

The climate varies by region. There are mountains, beaches, plains, and forests

Cultural information

Paris is known as one of the fashion capitols of the world

France's main sport is soccer

France loves and creates all types of music including rap and hip-hop

France was the first to use camouflage for war

Political information

France is a republic, they have a prime minister and a president as well as other elected officials. The President is elected for 6 year terms. France is a part of the european union. They have a multi-party system consisting of socialism and conservatives.

The French Revolution

The French Revolution happened in 1789, when the peasants violently overthrew the french monarchy. This was due to an unequal distribution of wealth between the rich and the poor. The Monarchy was supporting the american revolution and this made the peasants so poor that they could not even buy bread. The lower class became enraged and executed many of the monarchy.

The Lourve

The Louvre is in Paris, France. It is one of the largest and most well known museums in the world.It receives around 9.5 million visitors per year At one time, it was the palace for king louis the 14th. It is home to the world famous Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged victory, and many others.


France grows all of the normal farm crops but with a special emphasis on grapes for wine

France is known for its main exports of luxury items, perfumes, wine, and fashion items

Culinary contribution

France Is known for many types of food, but I would say that France's main culinary contribution to the world is their baked goods. France is known for their whole dairy based desserts like creme brûlée, custard tarts, and coconut pie. France is also known for their breads such as, baguette, crescent, and some types of artisan breads
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