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Week of: 11-4-19

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This Week's Lessons

This week's lesson schedule is linked below.

6th graders are continuing to work from their lesson assignment sheets. Be sure to ask them what assignments they should be practicing at home!

7th Graders will have lessons as usual. They will be continuing with their lesson books, starting solos and working on Band Music. On Monday 7th grade students will be starting a composition project that ties in with one of the pieces we are currently studying. All the directions will be on Google Classroom and the project will be due on Tuesday, November 12. I can't wait to see what the students create!

Conferences Next Week!

We will be available for walk-in conferences on Thursday, November 14 and would love to discuss your student's progress with you! Please stop by Mr. Quaglieri's office (room 113) or Mrs. Gleason's office (in room 114) down the music hallway to talk.

Please note that we will be attending the Solo & Ensemble Festival Manager's Workshop at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education in Waunakee on Friday, November 15 and will not be in the building that day. Please contact us if you would like to meet and are unable to attend Thursday's conferences and we will be happy to schedule an appointment!

Current Information from Previous Newsletters

6th Grade Clinic Night

On Tuesday, January 21, all 6th grade students will participate in Prairie View's Mentor Night. During this event, students will prepare and perform a short solo for an expert clinician who specializes on their instrument. Students will receive a 20 minute time slot between 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM on the night of the 21st to work with their clinician.

I will be writing this schedule in mid-November to allow time to publish it in the Winter Concert Program. If you have scheduling requests (i.e. need to go at a specific time) please let me know. It will be easier to selectively schedule students right away rather than going back and trying to move things around after the schedule is published.

Japanese High School Band To Visit Sun Prairie

The Sun Prairie Band Program is pleased to welcome 111 student musicians from Hikarighaoka Girls High School in Okazaki, Japan on December 17 and 18. This elite ensemble will perform at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago on December 19. The group will stay with Sun Prairie Band Families and rehearse at the high school. The band will also present a concert on Wed, Dec 18 (time TBD). I would encourage all of our band families to attend the concert.

光ヶ丘女子高校「キャラバンの到着 他」2019浜松吹奏楽大会

Band Booster "Feed the Beat" Food Nights

Support the band boosters by eating out at these locations on these dates:

  • Day One - November 13th ALL DAY!! (does not include delivery)

  • ModPizza - December 10th 10:30am-9pm (Need 20 people to RSVP here http://bit.ly/2JsbB8x)

  • Mooyah - January 28th, 4-9pm

Amazon Smile

The holidays are approaching and registering your Amazon account with Amazon Smile is a quick and easy way to support band in Sun Prairie! Just click here to enter Sun Prairie High School Band Boosters, Inc. as your charity of choice and 0.5% of your orders will be donated to the Band Boosters. That's it! There is no door-to-door stops or meals to pay for.

Part of the Band Booster's mission is to raise funds to support the activities of the Sun Prairie Band Department. In the past, they have supported us with lesson academy administration and scholarships, visiting artists, summer music camp scholarships, and more!

7th Grade Solo Project

Planning ahead for the 7th grade bands, we will be starting our "solo project". This project will help students learn the process of long range planning and short term goal setting as it relates to learning a new piece of music. We will analyze the solo looking at the form of the piece, break the piece up into smaller chunks to be learned weekly, and even seek out the most technical passages to start practice on them early in the process. All this planning results in a performance your child will be proud of. Here are the details in a nutshell:

  • Everyone will be picking a solo to learn on their instrument that is appropriate for their development.
  • The solos will come from the Wisconsin School Music Association(WSMA) festival list.
  • Students will either be recording the solo in February or performing the solo at WSMA Solo/Ensemble festival on Feb. 8th at Prairie View.

Find Us Online!

The Sun Prairie Band Boosters have a FANTASTIC website that contains information about all things related to band in Sun Prairie. You can find the site by visiting www.spbb.org/pvms or by searching for “Sun Prairie Band Boosters.” Be sure to visit the Prairie View Bands page and the Prairie View Bands Blog throughout the year for updates, news, and resources. We also encourage you to check out the other schools’ pages to get an idea of just what band in Sun Prairie is all about.

This Week

Tuesday- 7th Grade Jazz Band Rehearsal (7:00 AM-7:35 AM)

Wednesday- Band Lesson Academy

Thursday-7th Grade Jazz Band Rehearsal (7:00 AM-7:35 AM)

Upcoming Dates

November 16: SP Honors Band Rehearsal and Concert at CHUMS

December 5: Winter Band Concert at PVMS


If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us:

Matt Quaglieri


(608) 520-0122 (Google Voice-Text Message)

(608) 834-7839 (Office)

Erin Gleason


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