Nick Cameron

Who Am I?

Brief Bio

I was born July 3rd 1998 in Salt Lake City, Utah and will most likely live out the rest of my life here. The only place that could get me away from the amazing skiing, beautiful seasons, and family and friends in Utah, would be Kauai.

I'm currently 17 years old and a senior at highland high school. I work at the Salt lake country club as a waiter with a few of my friends and brother and love it. My hobbies include skiing (see video below), hiking, ps4, lacrosse, and hanging out with buddies. After high school I plan to serve an LDS mission and eventually go to school at the university of Utah.

At the moment when I don't have lacrosse or work, ill do my best to make it up to Brighton ski resort with a few of my good friends. last week i tried my first couple back flips. The first time I tried I back flip I actually landed believe it or not, but the second time didn't go so smoothly...

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My Thoughts on Smores.

I love how incredibly easy this website is to use and share with the people around me. One of the only things i would change is the video up loader. Just change it so I can up load a video without posting it to YouTube. Other than that a great tool.