Specials @ CBA

September 2016


Circuit game CBA

Fifth Grade: Circuit Board Game

Fifth grade stated their circuit board game. For this game they started making the circuits for the states and their capitals using aluminium foil and tape. Next they will make a simple circuit and put the game together. We realized very early on that it was a challenge to make the circuits on the back of the paper. We had to accurately hide one connection under the tape before we did another connection. If we didn't do that we might get cross connection and multiple answers for the same question. It ties in with what they are learning in their Social Studies class.

Connecting a AA battery with a small bulb, students made a simple circuit board. Next was the testing phase. Students tested their circuits and concluded that metal is a good conductor of electricity

Middle school Ozobot

Middle School: Ozobot

Middle school started working on their Ozobot project. During the class they made a path for the Ozobot with certain codes. This required a lot of patience as they first tried making thin lines with little codes. When this didn't work, they tried thicker black lines with circular codes. Success at Last!


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Graffiti Names

Students learned the art of writing graffiti. They used this style to write their names.
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Middle School: Patterns and Names

Students enjoyed writing bubble letters and decorating them with various patterns and styles.

Physical Education

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Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten

The students have done a great job getting acclimated to class, some of them having PE for the first time ever! We have learned our routine for each class and have worked on balancing and throwing. Students worked with beanbags and practiced balancing them on different parts of their bodies…head, hand, arm, foot. They also worked on and learned how to throw the beanbags using correct form.

1st and 2nd Grade

Students have done an awesome job starting the year. They come in prepared and ready to work each class. Their enthusiasm and energy makes it so easy to work with them.

We have been working a lot lately on throwing and catching. Students have practiced the correct throwing form and worked with a partner playing catch.

3rd-8th Grade

Students in these grades have started the year being more independent and given more responsibility to do things on their own. This has really shown and given them a stronger confidence and willingness to participate and be engaged.

They have been playing handball over the past couple of weeks and have really enjoyed and done a great job. Their teamwork and willingness to work together has been a bright spot and I look forward to see that grow as the year goes on.


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Junior Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School classes talked about the Otono season (Autumn) Season and changing colors of the leaves and made our own CBA calabazas (pumpkin) patch.