Younique training

Saturday, February 6. 9 AM - 12 PM

Come join us!!!!

If you are interested in joining Younique, whether you've just sparked an interest or if you've been contemplating for a while. I have an opportunity for you. I have one ticket available to attend the event tomorrow morning. You will see how we do things, Younique style. I only have one so if you are interested, don't wait. First one gets it.

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 9am-12pm

1120 North Ocoee Street

Cleveland, TN

Meeting will be held in the administration building.


Doors open at 8:30--Starts promptly at 9am

9am- 9:45 am Welcome / Hear our Story - Guests can hear about the Younique Opportunity & our journey

9:45-10am Break -- Guests can leave or choose to stay for training

10am-10:30 -- Kate Crowe -- Attraction Marketing / Getting Started Strong

10:30am-11am -- Cortney Wheeler -- Growing your Audience & Marketing

11am-11:30am -- Angie McHann -- The Personal Approach & Customer Relationship

11:30-12pm -- Brooklyn McDermott -- Building & Leading your Team

Optional Lunch @ Las Margaritas at 12:30 for everyone who wants to attend!

Come join me!!!!

Your only regret is that you didn't join sooner. What do you have to lose. You're already on Facebook all day, why not get paid while you are posting your selfies.