Equivalent Fractions Math Centers

See how well you can identify equivalent fractions!

Center 1 Equivalent Fractions Visual Game

1. Log in to Angel.

2. Go to Math Grade 4.

3. Click on lessons.

4. Go to the Quarter 3 folder.

5. Open the Equivalent Fractions folder.

6. Click on the Games folder.

7. Go to the Equivalent Fractions Visual game.

8. Choose between the circle or the square visual representation of the fractions.

9. Try to create equivalent fractions at the bottom to match the one the computer gives you on the top!!

10. Press the check mark when you are done!

11. Try to make as many as you can before the center time is up!

Center 2 Fraction Bars

You will complete this center with me at the back table.

Center 3 iXL

Work on iXL grade 4 Q1 and Q3.

Center 4 iPads

1. Turn iPad on.

2. I already have it logged into the app you will be using.

3. Click on lesson and explore pages 1-12

4. Once you are done working with lesson pages 1-12 click on the home button in the bottom left corner.

5. Next, click on manipulative and practice making equivalent fractions by changing the total number of parts and the parts that are shaded in. Make as many equivalent fractions as you can before this center time is up!