What Happens If I Don't Finish?

What happens if I don't finish my courses on time?

Unfortunately, not all students are able to finish their courses by their one year due date. So, they naturally ask, “what happens if I don’t finish my courses?” If a student does not finish, a W will appear on their transcript or Academic Record showing that the student was withdrawn from the course. In addition, no final grade will be given and no credit will be awarded. However, at Keystone students are given the chance to finish by using extensions.

Extension Options

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The first extension consist of a free 30 days from the due date. For example, if a due date lands on 5/1/2016 and the free 30 day extension is applied, the new due date will be 5/31/2016.

The second extension is a paid extension. A student will need to pay $50 per course to have an additional 3 months from the new due date. So the due date after the free 30 day extension was applied was 5/31/2016. Now that the paid three month extension is added, the new due date will be 8/31/2016.

The last extension is also a paid extension for the same deal. A student will need to pay $50 per course for an additional 3 months to finish. The new due date will be 11/30/2016.

Considering Extensions and Time Constraints

When considering extensions, it is important to think about future plans as well. If you decide you want to continue with Keystone, it will be a lot easier since you can enroll in courses during any time of the year.

However, not all of the students at Keystone stay with Keystone. Some are only taking courses with Keystone for a year until they settle into their new home. Others are spending a year traveling and once they return home will attend their local school once again. In these cases there is added pressure for the student to finish. Here are some options for students that may find themselves in this type of situation.

First, evaluate your courses. How far along are you in each course? Can you finish all of them? If not then assess which ones you can and which ones are the most important. For instance a high school student taking 5 courses (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Spanish) may find that it is best to finish just the core classes and take Spanish at a later time. In addition, you may still be able to continue with the Spanish course even while attending the regular school. Keystone is not just a high school, but also works with other high schools for supplemental courses.

Next, a student may find that their not able to finish a single or multiple core classes but can finish an elective. This is fine, just note that when you register for another school, they make you repeat the course or place you in a similar course. It is highly recommended that you are honest and discuss this with administration/guidance counselors at the school you are planning to attend.

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Contact your Student Success Advisor if you are not sure about your plan or which extension(s) will be right for you.