Sully Shackleford

18th Century Composers

Johann Sebastian Bach:

  • Born on March 21, 1685, in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany
  • One of his most famous works is "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit," also known as "Actus Tragicus."

George Frederick Handel:

  • Born February 23, 1685, in Halle, Germany
  • skilled organist, he wrote the opera, Almira
  • also wrote Rodrigo and Agrippina

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

  • Born January 27, 1756, Salzburg, Austria
  • Wrote the opera Mitridate, Ascanio in Alba, and Lucia Silla

Art of the 18th Century

  • Naturalism and classicism
  • more action in the pictures
  • reflected the religious tensions of the time
  • public art, paintings, sculptures and architecture


  • Rococo style represented a reaction of the design of Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles
  • has a lot to do with interior design
  • shell-covered rock work

Peasants in the 1700's

  • majority of Europe are peasants
  • rural areas- Farms
  • peasants were free after the enlightenment
  • they were governed by season cycle
  • bread, beans, meat, peas

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1800's Art Styles

  • depicts nature and contemporary life
  • rejects imaginative ideals but focuses more on the close observation of outer appearances
  • deepened appreciation of the beauty of nature
  • exaltation of emotion over reason
  • also senses over intellect
  • "...a turning in upon the self and a heightened examination of human personality and its moods and mental potentialities; a preoccupation with the genius, the hero, and the exceptional figure in general, and a focus on his passions and inner struggles..."


  • art that is painted objects as if the painter had just caught a glimpse of something
  • Its founding members included Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Camille Pissarro
  • radical techniques, vibrant colors, sometimes blurry on purpose



  • Coined by the English art critic Roger Fry
  • Paul Cézanne, Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and others were painting in this category