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Spending a lot of time these days is silly. Having the website optimized to appear at a higher level in the SERP when keywords are entered in the search engine may not be a bad idea. But you should not be handling over a large portion of the budget in advance. Over a period of time, if the website rises in search result allowing you to experience high traffic & leads, then you know the value. To help you most of web marketing, try professional and local SEO company that are priced on performance basis. You will not be charged until the website is ranked thirty or above in search engine like yahoo, Bing and yahoo. In short, remember not to pay up front for the services that may fall short. PPC known as pay per click allows the website to place paid advertisement at the top of the search result page. This appears when related term is entered in the search engine. With every click, visitor is taken to the website and allowing a quick traffic boost. The entire focus is identifying the keyword in a particular business at an affordable rate.

What is landing page optimization?

Landing page is defined as any of the page in your website a visitor arrives from clicking an inbound link. Just by optimizing visual, layout and web content of the first page, the web site would experience an increased conversion rate. Every year, Google will change the algorithm around 600 times. Most of the changes are considered to be minor. Occasionally google rolls out major algorithm updates like Penguin that affects search result in significant ways.