El Salvador

Paola Siguenza

El Salvador

My moms side is from El Salvador.As you read this you will learn all about our geography, food, government and lots more.


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. The capital is San Salvador. However it is the most crowded city. It shares it's borders with Guatemala and Honduras.The Pacific Ocean lies in the South of El Salvador. Many of our mountains are volcanoes.The Santa Ana is the tallest volcano in El Salvador at 7,825 feet. Other's are the San Miguel,San Salvador,and the Izalco. We have good soil to grow fruits and vegetables.
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El Salvador

Salvadoran Food

Salvadorans eat a lot of different foods. Food made from corn, beans, rice, and bread is the most common. They also eat fruit that grow in our country. The dish that I am making is called Choco banana. It is a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. To make it you get a pack of bananas and cut them in half. Then you put a stick through it and keep it in the fridge for a few days. When there frozen you melt chocolate and dip the banana in. Then you have a Choco banana.

Interesting Facts

  1. Currency used in El Salvador is called the colon. On January 2001 we started using the U.S dollar.
  2. Salvadoran laws say you have to be 7-15 to go to school. Many children do not go to school. Others leave after a few years. Many schools have uniforms.
  3. Like the U.S Salvadorans vote for their president. Today our president is Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

My Country El Salvador