Northeast Community Schools

Gosselake, IA

NCSD Education Foundation

The group is seeking donations from community members to purchase additional technology including: a wireless microphone package for stage performers, speakers, and teachers; a boom-microphone package for use with vocal and speech performances; an intercom system for communication between production managers and stage, video, sound, and lighting managers; video equipment to allow for projection on stage and throughout the building; and to continue funding for current and future needs to upgrade equipment.

Open house

The elementary holds an Open House right before school begins in August to invite all parents and students to come to school to meet their teacher, see their room and put away all of their school supplies. The PTO also offers a free meal to parents, students, and staff as a way to welcome everyone to another great year. This is a casual time, with the school open from 5:00 to 6:30. Come when you can and stay as long as you like.

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