Tip: making the best newsletters

Ahoy there fellow Smorer! Here are some tips to help you make some really cool newsletters with Smore.
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Start a newsletter now!

Tip 1: Pick the right template to start from.

Smore can be used for promoting events, businesses or even for sending news bulletins or selling a car. When you start a newsletter, you will be asked to choose a template: stuff like Event, Business, Classified and more. Pick the best one and Smore will start you off with an example layout that is elegant and effective.

Tip 2: Pick a design that fits your feel.

Smore has several designs for you to choose from. Designs like Minimal, Modern, Vintage and more. Each one has a unique feel so pick the one that fits best. You can pick a design by using the design box on the right.

Tip 3: Look at some featured newsletters to get inspired!

Smore has tens of thousands of newsletters already. It's the biggest newsletter board in the world! That means that, in addition to having hundreds of thousands of people looking at it, you can find inspiration for making cool newsletters. To start, check out our Featured Newsletters page.

Got it? Great! Start a newsletter today!