Safeguarding the minority group

Minority representation

This policy allows minority groups a say in governance. This is one way to safeguard the interests of all minority groups. Examples of minority groups are the Presidential Council of Minority Rights (PMCR) and the Group representation constituency (GRC). The PMCR consists of members from the minority racial and religious groups which ensures that no racial or religious group is disadvantaged as a result of a law that is passed in parliament, while the GRC ensures that at least one of the candidates in the team contesting in the General Election is from the minority racial communities such as Malay, Indian or Eurasian. This system ensures that the minority groups are represented in the parliament to make sure of their concerns and needs are made known to the government.

Self-help groups

Some examples of self-help groups are Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), Mendaki and Eurasian Association, which plays an important role in helping members of their community to get aid in their studies and training for their jobs. They give moral support to their own community which helps Singaporeans to cope and compete with one another on an equal footing. All these different self-helps groups have embarked on joint projects, which has allowed students from different ethnic groups to attend the same tuition classes in tuition centres run by CDAC, Mendaki and SINDA. Thus, this provides the opportunity for these youths to interact and get along with each other.