Mrs. Liddon's First Grade

February 15

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to those of you who sent in goodies for Replenishment Day! Treasure box items were also sent in and I was able to put together several prize bags for those students who will clip to the top of the positive behavior chart. The kids are super excited to find out whats in them. Thank you!

Flexible Seating

The changes in the room have gone off with out a hitch and with plenty of smiles. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about using the exercise balls, expecting to have to instruct and practice how to use the balls appropriately. But to my surprise the kids have surpassed my expectations and mastered them with little instruction...and I am not quite sure why it surprised me, they continue to amaze me daily.

The students are randomly given a colored card as they enter the room in the morning. The color corresponds to where they will be "sitting"; standing table, floor seating, exercise balls, or traditional seating. Once all students have arrived they can then ask to swap places with someone who is seated in a more desirable location. It has worked out very well. Most of the students have a strong preference as to where they want to be.

Scholastic Book Club

Here is our class code for ordering online: H2XWN

The link below should work as well :)

Star Words

By now most student have an updated reading and writing list in their binders. If their binder was not in their backpack then they put it in their daily folder. Please email or call with any questions.

This week....

Math: We will continue to look at calendar, time and money. I will be introducing touch math this week and I hope it will really make a difference with counting collections of coins.

Writing: Verb endings will be a focus this week along with opening and closing sentences. As always I will be encouraging proper handwriting, punctuation, and capital letters.

Reading: We will continue to talk about fiction Vs. nonfiction and how we can tell the differences. We will also be asking and answering questions with a focus on giving evidence to support our answers.