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2nd Line Support Engineer - Harrison Bailey

2nd Line Support Engineer

Company name:

Capita WFM

Specific Skills required:

MS SQL Server experience

High level customer service

  • Customer service is incredibly important to a business because it means that customers internal and external will come back to you for your work, repeat customers are good for the business because it means more money for them, simply put. To have a high level of customer service means doing what they want to a above what they were expecting quality, updating them along the way and when everything is done and over with you can come back to them and ask them if they are happy with what you have produced for them. For the employee having good customer service and proof of good customer service will mean they will have a much better chance of being employeed.
  • MS SQL is a very good skill that businesses look out for because it means you have gotten experience in a useful skill they need. For a business someone with knowledge of the topic that they will be working in means they have to train them less and the time before they are at fully working speed is shorter. For you it means you are more employable. For the employee having the skills in MS SQL will mean they will be able to sell them selves much better knowing that businesses are actively looking for people with existing knowledge.

General Skills required:

Windows experience

Testing IT experience

  • For an employee to have experience in Windows is standard. Again, what make two possible employees different is what they know about Windows, do they know techincal things about the OS or just normal skills like any one would? Businesses look for people who have an advanced knowledge of Windows, they hide this in the typcial line "Windows experience"
  • Testing IP is going to be a large part of any IT job, to be able to test kit means you have to know what the device is and how it could go wrong to and how to fix it for the user. Businesses look for the interviewee to have valid experience and proof of when they were able to show they have tested IT. If the interviewee has this knowledge it's good news for the business because it means less work is needed before they are fully trained.

Attitudes/Soft skills:

Customer communication skills

Receiving feedback and acting on it

  • To be able to communicate with other is a basic skill that any employee must have. To a business it means that the employee can talk to others about issues, update others on their progress and listen toi customer needs when needed. A customer should feel that they are being listened to and what they have said has had some thought into it. A happy customer is a repeat customer and that means more money to the business.
  • An employee is not perfect, no one is. This means that they will sometimes get feedback on their work, if that is bad, good, or a way of doing things differently. A good employee will be able to take this feedback and channel it into more productivity. For a business this means that the employee will become more efficent at their work so they get more work done.


Company: Capita WFM

Contact: http://www.capita.com/contact-us/

Where?: Churchward House, Fire Fly Ave, Swindon SN2 2EY