RC Mac Community News

April 29-May 1

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Hello RC Mac Students and Parents

"Long time no see"... This expression seems appropriate given that other than the parade we haven't seen each other in over one month!

Luckily I know that you're all SAFE AT HOME and that makes me smile each and everyday. I also see all the school assignments you are submitting on Teams and FreshGrade. Keep up the super effort!

The background photo of this newsletter shows some skateboards. I encourage everyone - kids, parents, pets - to take extra time outside exercising. We need to balance the screen time with outdoor action time. Driving around the neighborhood I see lots of people on bikes, scooters, trampolines, swings and practicing hockey passes. All good stuff!

Fortunately this year we will have a school year book. The yearbook is produced by Photo Express and will include the formal student photos plus candid photos from our school year and a special section showcasing our wonderful Grade 5 students. This is an optional order for families and more I will have more information coming soon. RC Mac Staff will be working with Photo Express to make it an extra special book celebrating our school community.

Take care and stay healthy,

Mrs. Roberts

Funny Foods!


1. VSO KIDS CONCERT: PETER AND THE WOLF WITH BRAMWELL TOVEY This playlist from CBC Music features well-known and loved selections from a VSO family concert conducted by Music Director Emeritus Bramwell Tovey.

2. VISIT THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC! You are only a click away from fun with the Philharmonic! Go backstage and meet the musicians, learn about their instruments, explore famous composers and their music, and even create music of your own.

Let's play....Charades!

The game of charades is a fun way for students to be creative, express themselves, and get a healthy dose of moderate physical activity.

Object of Charades: is for the guessers to call out the letter/word/animal that the actor is demonstrating using movements. • Actors cannot speak or make sounds — only movements. y.

Letter List: A C E F H I J K L O P Q T U V X Y

Word Charades List: Toothbrush Car Apple Remote Control Bubblegum Popcorn Bus Airplane

Animal Charades List: Bird Cat Dog Fish Giraffe Horse Rabbit Spider

Movie List Coco Finding Nemo Frozen Harry Potter Spiderman Lion King Monsters Inc. Toy Story

Sports Charades List: Archery Baseball Basketball Golf Hockey Horseracing Soccer Volleyball

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it