Blaise Pascal

The creator of Pascal's triangle

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Pascal's Life:

He was a mathematician who was born on June 19th, 1623 in Clermont-Ferrand, France. He was the son of Etienne and Antoinette Pascal and was the 3rd or 4th child of the family. His mother died at an early age due to complications. He started his Career as a tax collector where he learned his exceptional math skills. He was the first of his family to receive an education, where his father moved him and his family to paris. At the beginning of his Prodigy his father eliminated the idea of a mathematician from his career choices.

While in school he started to study languages such as Greek and Latin, which were commonly spoken at the time. On his own time he taught himself geometry and learned to love numbers and math. His father saw this and let him continue with is fascination. In his early childhood (16 years of age) he created the "mystical hexagon" theory. It was Widely accepted and he published a book on conic sections. The written work also discussed how to transfer a three dimensional object onto a two dimensional field.

inventions and accomplishments:

  • He created an early calculator which had 8 movable dials, each with a numerical digit that contained ones tens and hundreds place values. It was used for basic functions such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
  • fifty pro-types had been produced but it didn't sell well which led to the holt of the production less than a year later
  • He validated Torricelli's theorem dealing with barometrical variations in atmospheric pressure
  • He also invented a really old version of a wrist watch
  • He also made a roulette machine
  • He also discovered that there was a fixed outcome every time a individual rolls a dice, which was also applied to outcomes of worldly events

Pascal's Era:

During the Year 1654...
  • While Pascal's triangle was being developed the treaty of Westminster ended the Anglo-Dutch War which resulted in peace. A following commercial treaty was signed to create the Swedish-Anglo alliance.
  • Otto Von Guericke was studying atmospheric pressure and a vacuum pump which removes gas from a sealed area.
  • Richard Johnson was a free black male who was one of the first to own his land in Virginia (550 acres)
  • Louis XIV was crowned king of France in June

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