My Quarterly Portfolio

For the 3rd Quarter

My Accomplishments

During this final quarter I developed a grandmother's chair which acted as a conveyor belt giving grandmother a thrilling ride up and down the stairs, with her trustee totally-safe-and-reliable-and-not-at-all-dangerous chair! I participated in the construction of a race car which was designed with a button on the car, allowing it to go 20 ft on the dot and stopping on command. I learned more about coding than ever, and how my own refrigerator is coded to separately send out ice, crushed ice, and water when certain buttons are pressed. I also created a wind powered machine (car) that self-motivated itself using the force of gravity to move itself. For our Automation through Programming, I made a spinning sign that used gears and motors to keep it at a steady pace, and after that we completed 2 different games on Tynker that advanced my coding skill further (Debugger, Candy Quest) and became awesome. Because of all of this, I think that I deserve a 97% in this final quarter.