"PowerPoint on Steroids"

How it Works

Nearpod allows teachers to push out a presentation to an entire class. Each student views it on an iPad or computer, but the teacher controls the pace of the lesson from his/her computer. Assessments (multiple choice questions, quizzes etc ) can be embedded in the lesson. A totally cool drawing feature allows students to annotate images! All student responses and drawings are submitted to the teacher and may be pushed out or shared to each student's screen. All student answers are collected, graded and saved by Nearpod, so they can go right into your gradebook! .............Watch the 80 second video below to get an idea of how it works!!

Get engaged with Nearpod

Great things about NEARPOD

*Use on ipads or computers

*Great for EVERY subject!

*Students DO NOT need a separate account or login

*Students access your presentations with a unique PIN for your session.

*Students love it!

*Easily convert your exisiting Powerpoint, flipchart or notebook presentation into a Nearpod.

*It is easy to use

*Immediate feedback!!!!

*Launch correct and incorrect work (anonymously) to ALL students’ screens so discussion can immediately ensue!

An 8th grade Math teacher says.....

I kid you not – when I say, “Get out your iPads and go to Nearpod” my 8th graders literally say, “YESSSSS!” and give a little fist-pump… every time. It’s not necessarily Nearpod that they love, but the peer interactions and instant feedback it facilitates. In a nutshell, making your Nearpods about “them” and not about “you” is the way to go. Think about what the students will be doing versus what you, as the teacher, will be doing.