OSMO: Thinking Outside the iPad

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Introduction to the OSMO

The OSMO is an accessory to the iPad that allows for interactivity outside the iPad. The kit includes the base and mirror, a set of wooden tangrams, and red and blue letters. There are 4 iPad apps (FREE) available for the OSMO. They are listed above and more detail is given on each app below.
Here's the link to purchase OSMOs. Currently they are running a special where anyone can buy one and a free one will be sent to the classroom of your choice! Great deal!

- - - Words for OSMO - - -

How to Play Words for Osmo
As you play Words, you'll notice the words get more difficult. You'll start wtih the easy words and work your way up to more abstract words. This makes it a game for ages 5 - 99! But the really beauty in this game is the fact that you can add your own photos and words! Teachers can use content specific vocabulary with their own photos. Another great feature is the gallery of words and photos that others have created! The instructions are below!

Using the Gallery in Words

You must register at the OSMO site. Click on myWords. Here you'll see the gallery. Click on an album to see the photos. Click on a photo to see the word choices for that photo, as shown below. Parentheses are used to hide letters that you want your students to guess. Once you've looked through the gallery and selected the albums you want, open this site on your iPad. Click on Download to iPad. This is how you'll get the albums on each device. Really, it is that simple and you'll have many, many more words and photos to use!
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Making Your Own Albums

Login to the OSMO site. Click on myWords. Select New Album and name it. The photos that you will use must be on your device. So if you want photos from the Internet, save the image to a folder on your computer or in your camera roll on your iPad. Your Google images must be at least 1024x768. Click to add a photo. Select a photo. Once the photo loads, then click on it. It will flip over where you will edit and add your words. Refer to the gallery for suggestions. Using parentheses will hide letters so the students will simply fill in the blanks. Add your photos and the words on the back, select the level of difficulty for each word, and you've just created an album for your iPad! Just like downloading albums from the gallery (discussed above), you will sign in to the site on your iPad and download your new album!
More explicit directions can be found in the Help option in myOsmo.

- - - Newton for OSMO - - -

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Newton is usually known as the 'fun' game which has little educational value. However, I think you'll recognize that understanding angles and some physics will help you succeed. This is similar to an old video game where the balls drop and you must change their path so they'll hit a target. You may draw lines on a paper to change the direction of the balls or lay various objects on the paper or even use your own hand! There are 60 levels to complete!

- - - Tangrams for OSMO - - -

How to Play Tangram for Osmo
Students will love using the iPad with tangrams. There are many levels of difficulty and many opportunities to practice on each level. Once you open the Tangram app, choose to enable classic mode. This allows you to see all the puzzles and the levels.
Yellow = easiest level. Shows the shapes in color. Receive instant feedback as soon as 2 shapes are correct.
Orange = more difficult. The shapes are in gray shades. Receive instant feedback.
Red = difficult. The shapes are all black but still receive instant feedback.
Blue = most difficult. The designs are all black and does not give you any feedback until you complete the shape.
If there are dots under the shape, that means that puzzle is available in different difficulty levels. You can click on it then click on the dot of the level you want.

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

When you open the Tangram app, you have a choice of Play, Introduction, and Classic Mode. If you are working with primary students you'll want to start with introduction. This will introduce them to only 2 shapes to start with. This gives the teacher the opportunity to call the shapes by name. More pieces will be added as the student progresses. Older students can start right into play or classic mode. Refer to the color levels of difficulty above. Students have opportunities for winning awards by completing several 'contests.'

- - - Masterpiece for OSMO - - -

Masterpiece for Osmo

Content Connections for Masterpiece

These ideas are from the OSMO blog.
  • Pick an animal from the gallery, label with existing means of protections and then add 3 adaptations that don't exist that would help the animal further protect itself.
  • Students can draw a character for a narrative they are writing.
  • Put yourself in a comic. Be the star of your comic series! Take photos of you and your friends in funny poses, with different expressions, and then you can draw everyone as a character in your story.
  • Fan-fiction/Cross-over comics. Do you find yourself wishing your 2 favorite characters in a TV show would just get together already? What if your favorite character in one series had to face the antagonist in a different one? You can make all of these ideas come to life in fan-fiction comics you draw yourself.
  • Comic-ify the News! Express your views about current events. This idea could work well in a class project for social studies. Take a current event or news topic that interests you, and illustrate it using Masterpiece. i.e. Draw the people who are involved, or get symbolic and use pictures that relate to the event as you see it in your mind.