Behind The News


Chole's Challenge

Chole is a 18 year old girl who had the challenges of her life! She went through a horrible car accident about a year ago as her head, stomach and leg were badly hurt. She was in a horrible state and doctors had to take part of her skull out as her brain was badly damaged. But with her passion still in swimming, she had to stay in hospital from 9 to 10 months to recover completely. But luckily she was out 3 months before the actual time and just then she was given another challenge of a lifetime. This challenge was given to her so that she could raise money for Trauma Research.

Kokoda Track

And this challenge was to trek through the Kokoda Track. This 96 kilometre track was in Papua New Guinea and she said that it was a challenge just reaching there. This terrifying track was made during the World War ll.The Kokoda track is very hard to conquer as she had to walk in the jungle with heat. With help, Chole made it through the track after five days. Chole mentioned that the track was exhausting and tiring and that she wouldn't have done this if it wasn't to thank the nurses and doctors who helped her recover. Let us hope Chole can recieve any challenge and conquer it with passion.