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Ros Astaire Weight Management & Nutrition Coach

I set up WeightExpectations in 2009 because I felt there was a need to help people understand how to achieve lasting weight loss without the stress of dieting. We all know too well, the emotional ups and downs of trying to lose weight and how it can affect our eating.

Some of the quote people use when wanting to lose weight!

I Don’t Know How To Do This?

Something/someone is punishing my effort

Unrealistic Expectations.

I Resent her/him for losing their weight

I want to lose weight because other people think I should, but secretly—I don’t.

Question: What are you saying to yourself when you want to lose weight?

Overcoming your overeating

Some tips for overcoming your overeating

Ask yourself “How hungry am I?
Try and focus on the food
Stop eating when ‘satisfied’,
Eat what you really want
Slow down.


For the last few years I had been putting on weight slowly but steadily. Something had to be done. I got in touch with Ros who helped me to get back on the right track. [BE, Northwood - May 2012]

I found the Workshop very informative and enjoyable. I will definitely be able to integrate some of the tips provided today. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and will recommend the workshop, the training sessions and your WeightExpectations programme. [Workshop participant - April 2012]

I liked the informality and friendly atmosphere and learned that what you know on the logical level, does not always go with the emotional. [Workshop participant - April 2012]

Thank you both Ros and Anne for providing an insight into how one can change habits around eating and exercise. Also how to understand what foods are good for your body. Many thanks for a lovely lunch. Great day. [Workshop participant - April 2012]

I liked the combination of nutritional information, exercise and styling [Workshop participant - April 2012]


Wednesday, Dec. 12th 2012 at 7:30-8:30pm


Ros is committed to empowering individuals through education, support, and inspiration to make real changes that lead to optimal health and lasting weight loss.

Special offer on this show: Free consultation for 45 minutes [value £50]

For further information go to:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/free2live2/2012/12/12/how-to-lose-weight-naturally