By Crystal T

Numbers and facts

The diameter of Ariel is 720 miles and the distance around is is 118,700 miles. It orbits once every 2 1/2 days. It is about 115 miles from Uranus. Ariel is very very small compared to Uranus and looking at them both together makes Ariel look tiny. It is the second smallest moon. It is about the size of our moon.
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Ariel is mostly made of rock but it also has water and ice on it suggesting that there was once running water on it's surface. Ice is all over the place in craters and stuff across the surface. Lots of craters are also spread across it's surface and it has a 1x6 makeup of water.

Moon comparisons

Ariel is not the only moon of Uranus. There are 15 known moons of Uranus meaning that Ariel is not the only one. Ariel is the smallest but the brightest of all the known moons. All of the bright spots are craters and frozen lakes. They are not actually bright but they look that way from far away.
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Uranus Moon - Ariel


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