Tech Bytes

Carthage ISD Technology Department November 1, 2014

Productive Digital Learning

The Four C's of Digital Learning can help integrate technology into the classroom and enhance student's 21st Century Skills. The Four C's are: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Watch this short introductory video about the Four Cs and think about how you might try to integrate technology into a lesson for your students. Then click here to listen to Dr. Helen Soule about integrating the Four Cs in the classroom. She is the Executive Director of Partnership for 21st Century Skills. These short videos can help create ideas on how we can teach students using technology to prepare them for the future. For more information and ideas, go to
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Technology Staff

Annette Johnson, Technology Director

Martin Martinez, Technology Specialist

Mark Baisden, Technology Specialist

Richard Sullivan, Network Administrator

Terry Caudle, Systems Administrator

Debby Simpson, Administrative Assistant

Message from the Director

First, I want to thank all the teachers and students for participating in the Clarity survey by BrightBytes. I just had a chance to do a walk-through of our data and was very proud of our overall progress in the area of technology for CISD. We have some areas to be proud of and we have areas that we can improve upon in the near future. My goal is to be as helpful to our teachers as I can be and to provide resources and skills needed in the area of technology so they may pass these skills on to their students. I hope that these newsletters give you some "bytes" of information that you can try in your classroom.

Second, I want to challenge you to participate in the Hour of Code next month. Coding, or programming, is an area that students really enjoy, but they can also become very creative as well as work themselves into good paying jobs in the future. I promise that anyone can do this first hour of code. It starts out very easy and then gets a little more challenging the further you get into it. After that, it is up to the individual. Many schools have created Tech Clubs where students continue in the curriculum provided on the website. My entire December newsletter is devoted to coding. Please let me know if you plan to host The Hour of Code in your classroom for your students. I would love to feature them in a future newsletter.

Finally, congratulations to all our teachers in CISD that have tried to incorporate technology in the classroom. For some it is very easy. For others, it can be challenging. But, thank you for trying and never giving up. According to our survey results, our teachers realize the importance of teaching students about technology. That's a big first step. If there is an area of technology you would like more help with for your classroom, do not hesitate to email or call me. I would be glad to help.

Have a great November!

Annette Johnson