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Bear Tavern Weekly information - June 17 , 2016

Our Time is NOW...

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

It was exactly one year ago Wednesday (June 15, 2015) that I met many of you for the first time. A lot has happened in the last 12 months! Things are moving fast right now, but I'd like to slow down for a minute to reflect and to simply say, "Thank You."

I remember it vividly; it was an tough decision for me and my family to possibly leave the comfort and stability of a place that I had been for 15 years (in a variety of positions) and had developed some really great relationships to pursue the opportunity to come to a school of which I had very fond memories (Christina and Steph may remember me as a young and impressionable JPE student in the late 90s) and a district that is extremely well known and well respected. I printed one resume, submitted one application, applied nowhere else and decided to let fate take over.

And one year later I can say, without hesitation, that I made the right decision. I have never doubted it. From the very first day, you welcomed me with open arms and there has not been one day that I have not been blown away by something at Bear Tavern. Whether it is the result of seeing a lesson, listening to an idea from a staff member, watching a classroom interaction, noticing a gang of people staying way late or coming in obscenely early to support an event or program; I am moved by something here every day.

I’d be lying, though, if I said that it was always easy and some days were not harder than others. But a wise man reminded me of something just this week. He said, “You can’t just look at the tip of the pyramid, you have to look all the way down at the base.” He was so right. We tend to focus upon or remember the frustrations, setbacks and issues that are currently right in front of us or that have happened recently. But when you take a broader look at the whole picture, you see all of the amazing things, the successes, the growth and the fun! I think that taking a moment to look at the year in its entirety is really exciting and healthy.

I think that you can argue that from June 15 to June 15, we accomplished a heck of a lot. I am so proud of you and what we have started. The good news is that are not even close to done. We haven’t even come close to reaching the potential that exists at Bear Tavern. That is an exciting thought.

One promise that I can make to each of you is that I am going to take this summer and reflect upon this year and plan for next year. I will look at was awesome and will study what could have been better. I firmly believe that we can all grow and get better, and I plan on committing to getting better this summer so that we can build upon what we’ve started.

The next four days are going to be incredible and I have been so excited and motivated to see all sorts of different people practicing singing, dancing and working together in preparation for an incredible last day of school.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with you and for all that you do to make our school special. I am really excited to continue this journey and to see what we can accomplish. Thank you for welcoming me and for putting your trust in me. I have had an incredible year and really look forward to another phenomenal week!

Have a great day.



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates

Important Information:

  • Den Groups - Please see your "Den Group" Email. Binders will be put together and placed in the mailbox of one staff member from each Den Group on Friday 6/17/16.
  • COMMITTEES- Please CLICK HERE for the 2016-17 committee lists. If you don't see a committee that should be on the list, let me know. Along the bottom there are THREE tabs, one is the committee sign up form, the next provides a brief description of each committee and the 3rd is a draft list of special events. Please add events that we have had or implemented or any that we will be doing. The goal will be to get input, then send it out again, allowing for people to express interest in helping to plan or implement each event so that we can give everyone the opportunity to be involved and create a 'go to' list of helpers for each event. Please let me know what we need to add. This will be a working document.
  • OnCourse Welcome Letters - In preparation for classroom assignments this summer, parents and students will be able to access OnCourse for their HR teacher, and will look to your websites for welcome letters. You may want to think about creating them now, and uploading them to your website once school is out. The District will be shutting down OnCourse to parent/student view over the summer, and will open it up in August as per past practice.
  • Last Day of School - We will meet together in the morning (exact time TBA) to watch the school slide show. Then, after a movement break, we will have the staff talent show. Then we'll be dismissed back to rooms so that teachers can have some time with their classes. We will reconvene toward the end of the day (exact time TBA) to perform the traditional song and clapout for 5th grade before ending the day.


Friday, 6/17- 1st gr trip to Kerr Farm, 3rd gr End of Year Party, K End of Year Party,

JILL'S RETIREMENT PARTY 5pm at Lori Drake's house

Monday, 6/20- 2nd gr End of Year Party

Monday 6/20 - PM Activity Schedule (Den Group with senior volunteers being honored and Den Group name announcement)

Monday 6/20 - Faculty Mtg.

Tuesday 6/21- Early Dismissal Schedule, AM PK only

Wednesday 6/22- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Early Dismissal Schedule, PM PK in the AM, End of Year Staff Show in the morning (exact time TBA), 5th gr Clap Out

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