Fallen Angles

By Walter Dean Myers

Richard "Richie" Perry, a 17 year old high school graduate, finds himself in a tough situation. He'd very much rather be at a desk in a peaceful, quiet room writing or reading. In Vietnam, nothing is peaceful nor quiet. When his new comrades begin to fall as victims this dreadful war, Richie begins to wonder if he's there to support his family, or fight for his own pleasure.
Kevin Timoney- 2nd period
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This novel tells about the war using logos because of the logical reasons that the main character has as to why he's fighting. By reading this, the reader can learn how the men felt about the war on the front lines. This war was not a popular war in the US and by reading this novel readers can learn how the war affected our troops points of view.

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"All soldiers are angel warriors. Why? Because we are all still young boys and still as innocent as angles."
Richie wants to know why he's here. Why is he fighting? Richie is filled with fear, confusion, and exhaustion.