By Caleb Morgan

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is pollution in the air caused my machines and factories. Air pollution is the worst in China because they are a country which make lots of things so they need heaps of factories. Air pollution is created because of smoke and gasses coming out of the machines which puts the air in a bad state. In China, the air pollution is getting so bad that they need masks to breathe without getting sick.

2. China has the worst air pollution in the world due to there being hundreds of factories everywhere. Hazardous health in any country is 10 Pm2.5. China is 102.4 Pm2.5 at its best in Zhenhzhou. China at its worst is 155.2 Pm2.5 in Xingtai. With China using coal for so many things that they would have released 800-1000 gigawatts of zero-carbon power by 2020 and that's if they don't change anything. Over the next 15 years they will probably be increasing in how much they use making it even worse.

3. Ways humans cause pollution is my making cars, factories and other machines that use fuel. Other causes of air pollution are ships and prices on their products. They are making their products more affordable so that other countries will want to buy more, so that China has to make more if those products. Natural causes are volcanic eruptions which create smoke is the air which makes air pollution. So does the ash from the volcano.

4. The image down below.

5. The air pollution in China is getting so bad that heaps of people are dying from it and it is affecting the weather drastically. There are large amounts of smog in areas of which you cannot even see more than two metres ahead of you. How it affects the weather is when the smog gets into contact with the wind. Also observers who look at the sky for weather to see whether they should or shouldn't bring an umbrella would be unknown with all of the sky blocked out.

The weather is affected because the air becomes warm which means if it is a cold windy day then cyclones could be created. Since the air is warm, this could also affect global warming and that affects the whole world. The weather is getting worse and worse as the people in China keep on building more and more factories. This makes their situation even worse.