Week of October 29-November 2

Happy Halloween!

This week in review!

Here is a layout for the week, daily.

Monday: Math: Students have a math worksheet that is a review sheet for the test on Wed.

Sunshine Math and Test is Wednesday.

SS: Newspaper Due Friday

ELA: Read 20 minutes, complete Change Matrix for the Choice novel only due Wed.

Word Study Day 1, Story Web due Friday

Tuesday: Math: Test tomorrow/worksheet on arrays

ELA: Read 20 minutes, Change Matrix and Word Study Day 2

SS: newspaper due Friday

Wednesday: No homework, but make sure that ELA Story Web and SS Newspaper is done on Friday

Thursday: ELA: Read 20 minutes, Story Web, and cumulative quiz for vocab. due tomorrow

Math Begin Chapter 4...Study Link

Friday-Tuesday: Please ask your child if they are caught up with their speeches. We will present their speeches on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week. They will need to have a SMORE presentation complete and will have time to work on them at school. If they do not use their time wisely at school, they may have to complete at home through the weekend.