James Bond Watches

Timeless. Stylish. Unforgettable. These have been highly sought after by all for as long as time has been recorded by mankind. Very few names come to mind when these words are thought of. Names like John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley, these are names that will forever stand the test of time, and while these men capture all that those words hold, none do a better job of bringing forward the captivating image of being unforgettable, stylish, and timeless like the world’s most beloved Double O agent, James Bond. And like John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley did, James Bond wears an Omega watch.

Time is of the most importance when one is in the Service of her Majesty and James Bond’s Omega watch keeps precise time, Omega being one of the most accurate watches in the world. Omega watches are self-winding, so Mr. Bond never has to give a second thought to its accuracy, allowing his focus to remain on more pressing engagements, be they for business or for pleasure. Omega watches also stand up to some of the harshest environments known to mankind, because one can never know where the next villainous madman will take turn up; whether it be to the moon(where Buzz Aldrin wore his Omega), having to withstand magnetic fields(up to 1.5 Tesla) or being under a couple thousand feet of water(waterproof up to 600 meters), being prepared for anything is the only way when Queen, country and the world are at stake and failure is not an option.

When the time comes for the world to be saved, there’s only one agent for the job, one man that all can depend on, only one 007, and when James Bond has to count on a watch to keep up with him, with wherever and whatever his mission may throw at him, he counts on his Omega watch. Whether it be in a meeting with M, gathering information in the field, a high-speed car chase, in a hail of gunfire with the bad guys, or casually sipping a martini(shaken, not stirred) in his favorite tux, James bond does so in such a fashion that none can ever forget, which is why he chooses Omega watches, as their design is set to be effortlessly timeless, stylish and unforgettable, just like James Bond. And only Omega makes the official watch of James Bond.