Brendan Cole

Strictly Come Dancing

Brendan Cole

Strictly Come Dancing, often referred to as just Strictly, has just been ‘sold’ to over 50 countries by the BBC. Strictly is now one of the largest BBC exports, with a global audience of over 250 million people.As of April 2013, BBC WorldWide figures put Strictly Come Dancing as the op-selling format for that part of the financial year.

The international name for Strictly Come Dancing is known as Dancing With the Stars.

Strictly is now a global phenomenon, having been licensed throughout the world in the following continents, Europe, Asia, Africa America and Australasia. The shoe takes its own form in many of the countries, for example, in India, Strictly Come Dancing is known as KhalakDikhhlaJaa, where contestants compete in a Bollywood style routine.

In The USA, the show has been airing since 2005, reaching season 20 as off March 2015. Strictly Come Dancing USA has attracted many well-known celebrities, including Donny Osmond, Ricki Lake, Mel B and Shannon Doherty to name but a few. In April, 2015 Strictly Come Dancing aired a 10th Anniversary Special, and during Season 20, with the show climaxing with the largest amount of people dancing in the show’s history, including judges and hosts.

Dancing with the Stars Australia, first aired in October 2004, with audiences of around two million, placing it at number one for that day. The highest scoring celebrity so far is Arianne Caolli, who was dancing with CarmelloPizzino and scored 27.53.

In South Africa, Strictly Come Dancing, the show started back in February 2006. For the third season a cash prize was introduced with 40,000 Rand, 20,000 Rand each for the winning celebrity and professional dancer. The results were comprised from the television viewersSMS votes combined with the judges. In Season four a new dimension was added to the show, Strictly Come Dancing’s lowest scoring pair would have a dance off. They would perform in front of the judges, who would then decide who stayed in and who left. If the judgesscore was a tie, the head judge would decide who wins. The show comprised of celebrities were from a variety of professions, including boxers, rugby players, musicians, actors, soccer players and models.

Dancing with The Stars, Or Strictly Come Dancing New Zealand has been a great success. First shown in 2005, the show regularly brought in an audience of 730,000, with over one million for the finals. This is a massive number considering the population of the country. In 2009, the show stopped due to the ‘economic climate,’ however, it began airing again in May 2015.

Flockstars has a truly global reach, in many circumstances being converted slightly to fit the culture and values of the host country. The success of the show can be put down the fun and exciting way it works, as well as including well known national celebrities that the audience can relate to.

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