Ty's Fantastic Store Of Magnetism!

A place for all your electromagnetic needs!

The Compass

Would you like to know where north is? well buy the tried and true compass! A compass takes advantage of the earth’s polar magnetic field to point north and south. Buy one now while they're available for only $11.99 USD

Newly opening a medical business? All professionals need an MRI! MRI's use extremely powerful electromagnets to identify the soft tissue in the human body. Starting at $1 million USD

Scrap Metal Crane

Ever wanted to pick your friend's car up and set it somewhere else? Well now you can with the scrap metal crane! The crane uses an enormous electromagnet to pick up things with the switch of a button! $300,000 USD

Electromagnetic door!

Now with our famous invention, the electromagnetic door! it uses no locks and can be opened by none other than your smartphone! Just get the app free of charge and you can keep your rooms safe and secure in no time! The door works by using electromagnets embedded into the wall and magnetic material in the door to keep it shut with over 1,200 pounds of force! When you want to gain entry, just switch the electromagnet off by using the free app! $50,000 USD (includes home installation)


Well there you have it! Ty's fantastic store of magnetism has all the wild and wacky magnetic creations at your disposal!