Neolithic Revolution

Atziry Ramos

Informative Essay

People began to settle into permenant societies because farming began. As they migrated they found places where their was natural recourses they needed. Migration means seasonal movment of animals or humans from one place to another. Humans stopped being hunter - gatherers and began being farmers. In, fact this revolution didn't happen quickly, it took several thousands of years. A revolution is a widespread change of life. Some of them began to go to the fertile cresent because it provided the rich soil from the ground, water from the tigris river and the Uphrates river,food,plants,and protection. In modern-day China, India, Egypt,Peru,and Mexico there appered settlemen. They didn't just stay in one region, most of them kept being nomadic. Nomadic people lived by moving from place to place following the animals. The first settlemen appered between 11-14 thousand years ago. There is a connection between farming and the civilization. The connection that they had was that farming created the civilization through out the years.

Farming developed slowly through thousands of years. They used cow, goat, and pig fertelizers. They gathered wild plants as they traveled. They got better control of their food supplies. Scientist think that woman were the first to notice the growth on the plants and to cultivate the land. Cultivate means to prepare and use land for crops/gardening. They started to build pits and buildings to store their left over food. Woman learned how to cultvate the land and notice pattern because they visited that area repeatedly. While the woman grew crops the men were out hunting for animals. Some abandoned their settlements and began to farm but others didn't because they weren't successful. When the resourses ran out they needed to move to a new location. People didn't have enough grain so this caused humans to find new ways to produce food. 2 innovations that they made was the use of fertilizers and farming tools. They had a steps to domesticate the wheat. Modern day China grew millet and rice. Americans grew corn, beans, and squash. The Middle East and India they grew wheat and barley. The Middle East also grew figs, lentils, and rye. The Middle East means the land around southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Domestication of animals made a big change in the society. It changed us because when domestication happened it changed how humans needed to survive. GFoats and sheep were domesticated because of their small size,their tamnessness and their plant -based food diets. They first domesticated dogs to help them hunt. Dogs are desendent of wolves. We domesticated animals 10,000 thousand years ago. Domesticated animals like sheep, goat,and pig gave us manure, wool, hides and milk. The big animals help do all the hard work like plowing the fields. They are called the Beast of Burden.(cow,bull,and ox). Beast of Burden means big animals that do all the hard work and animals that carry big loads that we can't carry. Because of this less people were needed in the fields, so this allowed humans to specilize on other jobs. The domestication of the animals helped farmers increase the amount of food that they had. Instead of us following the animals we made the animals follow us and keep them with us humans. Disease was a big problom with domesticating the animals because the disease spread to the humans by the pigs, birds and other animals. Domesticating animals was a big change because it changed our lives.

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