Navigating the Murky Waters

Managing eBooks in Destiny

Although eBooks are not new, school libraries are relatively new at managing them. At this time, our district libraries are unable to "check out " eBooks to patrons. Even if a "check out" tab is available, the tab does not connect the patron's record to the eBook record in Destiny. This is the same for all vendors - including Follett. Therefore, we are unable to seamlessly include eBook circulation data in our statistics. A possible solution is FollettShelf.

If our district updates to Destiny 11, we can use FollettShelf which links eBooks to patron records. There is no cost to update, and it is a task that must be done district wide. Once we are updated to Destiny 11, the next step is "shelf integration" which also must be done district wide. At this point, each school would have FollettShelf. Then, students would need usernames and passwords which could be assigned in a similar way that AR usernames and passwords are assigned. This would enable us to "check out" eBooks to students and gather eBook circulation data. We could also share Follett eBook content with each other. District eBooks would automatically show up in Destiny search results at each school. In addition, the Follett eBooks can be read on Android and iOS mobile devices once FolletShelf is installed.

A problem is that FollettShelf will only track Follett eBooks. For example, Capstone eBooks will not work with this system. However, we could continue to purchase through Capstone and others, but without the benefit of checking them out. With FollettShelf, though, we would have a choice. For more information, go to aboutfollettebooks.com or follettsoftware.com.

Nooks and eBooks

Thus far, it seems like the easiest way to install eBooks on Nooks is through Barnes and Noble. If you would like to purchase eBooks from Barnes and Noble, contact Sandra Foreman in Hoover. She has come to our schools a number of times to install new eBooks. Her contact number is 205-682-3017. She is knowledgeable and helpful.

Information compiled by Aprile Fields and Jeri Martin