Tablet Computers


Tablet Computers

In Wenchi there are people that live in huts and also some people that sleep next to cows.There are no computers in Wenchi though so there was a group that gave 20 tablet computers just for them so that they can learn.The kids are learning a whole bunch of different things and also are learning English.Also English is used all around the world but not everyone speaks English so sometimes English can help find jobs.Some people speak Spanish also but I highly doubt people speak Spanish in the U.S.

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Table Computer Up top

That is what they used in Wenchi so that kids can learn all kinds of things like English,Math,Language Arts,Art,Math,Science,Health,Social Studies,Writing,World Language.They learned all kinds of things on Tablet Computers and a group of people just gave it to them so that they can learn a things or two from it.