Bartholomew Dias

By Jack H

Bartholomew Dias

Bartholomew Dias is a Portuguese explorer and navigator. He is best known for sailing around the southern most tip of Africa in 1488. That is now called The Cape Of Good Hope. He opened a way to a sea route from Europe to Asia. In 1500, he sadly died in a shipwreck off The Cape Of Good Hope.

Early Life

Not much is know about Bartholomew Dias early life. He was sent by Portuguese King John II to explore coast of Africa to find way to the Indian ocean. He was a superintendent of the royal Portuguese court when he was chosen to head the expedition to find the trade route to India. The king sent him because he wanted to know if ships could reach India by sailing around Africa. In August of 1487, Dias´s trio of ships left from the port of Lisbon, Portugal to round the southernmost tip of Africa.

The Expedition

Dias left with six Africans from Angola and Guinea. In 1488, he and his men arrived at the southern tip of Africa which is now named the Cape Of Good Hope. Dias´s bravery helped prove it was possible to reach Asia by sailing across Africa. On that day, Bartholomew Dias became first European mariner to round southern tip of Africa, opening way for a sea route from Europe to Asia. In 1500 he got lost at sea during another expedition and died. There is a statue of Bartholomew Dias in the High Commission Of South Africa in London.

Bartolomeu Dias Age of Exploration