By Jose Vazquez

Thomas Edison vs the Wright Brothers

Thomas Edison and Orville and Wilbur Wright are alike in several ways. Both Thomas Edison and Orville and Wilbur Wright have similar interests and ideas. Even though Edison and the Wright brothers had many adversities in the life in order for them to have been able to achieve their goals. Edison created the light bulb because he had determination but he didn't create the light bulb on his first try it took him about 1,000 tries to be successful. Edison didn't have a lot of money when he was creating the light bulb, he barely had enough money to eat and have a home. Edison had to work a lot but all the work he had eventually paid off and Edison was very successful because of the light bulb. The Wright Brothers also had many adversities in order for them to be able to develop a successful plane. The Wright Brothers had to make many experiments and many of these experiments failed. Many people didn't think the Wright Brothers would be able to design a plane. The Wright Brothers and Edison were both determined but the Wright Brothers had less failed experiments than Edison but both of them still had a lot of determination to accomplish their goals.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born on October 3, 1981, in Malmö, Sweden. Zlatan's parents divorced when he was 2 which made him have a difficult childhood. Zlatan was known as a bicycle thief and a school bully because he really didn't have any support from his parents. At the age of 18, Zlatan made his professional debut for Malmö FF even when he had many problems at a young age. He then got signed to a dutch club, AFC Ajax. He then was transferred to Juventus F.C. where he led the Italian club to 2 Serie A Championships. At that time Zlatan had many haters because of all the trophies he was earning for his club. Many people threatened him but Zlatan was not going to give up on playing soccer. After years of playing with Juventus he forced a transfer to Inter Milan where more success followed him. Zlatan then got traded to F.C. Barcelona in 2009 for Samuel Eto’o. Here, Zlatan didn't quite fit in. Both his teammates and the fans didn't think Zlatan was meant to play for Barcelona so his teammates passed the ball less to him and the fans started to dislike Zlatan. His agent then quickly did whatever he could to transfer him to a new club. After Zlatan got transferred to Paris Saint-Germain he led the club to its first league title in 19 years and he didn't stop, even when he had many obstacles in the way.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Timeline


  • Joined Malmö FF

  • Helped Malmö make it to first division

  • Transferred to Ajax and played with them for 4 years


  • Transferred to Juventus F.C.

  • Led the club to 2 Serie A Championships


  • Forced a transfer to Inter Milan

  • He won 3 straight Serie A Titles

  • Claimed his first league scoring crown


  • Was traded to F.C. Barcelona for Samuel Eto'o

  • Was loaned to A.C. Milan because of him having some problems with Pep Guardiola

  • A.C. Milan purchased his contract and he claimed his second scoring crown


  • Was transferred to Paris Saint-Germain

  • led the club to its first ligue 1 title in 19 years

Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery has multiple sclerosis which means when she runs it causes her legs to go totally numb. Kayla first fell when she was playing soccer and noticed a tingly feeling in her spine along with a lack of feeling in her legs. When Kayla found out what she was diagnosed with she decided that her disease wasn't going to hold her back from running. A solution to the problem would have been for her not to do any running activities because she then wouldn't get hurt too much. The bad thing about that is that she wouldn't be able to do what she likes which is running. another solution to the problem is that Kayla would run but at the end of each race her coach would catch her because when she stops running she feels a lot of pain and can't stand up properly for a while. The only bad thing about that is that she would have to be extremely careful while she is running because when she is about a mile into the race she begins to not feel her legs and she would have to learn to run with that problem. Kayla was determined to keep running as long as she could because she didn't know if she was going to be able to run tomorrow. As a result Kayla won many races and became one of the country's fastest young distance runner and could do what she loves.

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Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh had many adversities throughout his life. At age 15 Van Gogh’s family didn't have a lot of money so Van Gogh was forced to work and leave school. Van Gogh worked for his uncle at his art dealership where he soon later left to the Groupil Gallery in London. He visited many art galleries in his free time and also fell in love with the landlady's daughter, Eugenie Loyer. When Van Gogh proposed to her but she rejected him he suffered a breakdown. He became angry and started telling customers at his job to not buy the “worthless art” so he eventually got fired. In the fall of 1880 Van Gogh decided to move to Brussels to become an artist. Van Gogh didn't have any formal art training so his brother offered to support him financially and he began to start taking lessons on his own. Van Gogh didn't have any customers that would want to buy his art. Theo, Van Gogh’s younger brother, had many arguments with Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s younger brother once got really mad that he cut of Van Goghs ear which made Van Gogh really depressed but continued with his art. Because he continued making art his paintings were eventually put on exhibits but shortly after that he died. Because of Van Goghs determination he was able to become one of the best artists.
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Henry Ford

A Determined person is a type of person that will push themselves to the limit until they reach their goal. He/She is made up of perseverance and looks like someone that won't give up. Someone who has showed a lot of determination is Henry Ford. Ford's goal was to develop horseless carriage. That same year Ford presented his plans to Thomas Edison who encouraged Ford to build a second better model. Ford persuaded a group of businessmen to help him sell horseless carriages but Ford didn't know anything about running businesses. He had to learn by trial-and-error. Fords new company failed and so did his second one but he was determined to be successful even when he was left broke. because of this Ford took even bigger risks which led him to building the Ford Motor Company. With all the hardships Ford had he managed to create the world's largest automobile company. Because of his perseverance with the great depression and having less workers he was able to become successful.
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