The first planet

Mercury introduction

Mercury is the first planet in our solar system. The diameter of Mercury is 3,032 miles. In comparison, Earth's diameter is 7,915.5 miles. Mercury is mostly made up of iron. Its crust is about 300 to 400 miles thick. Mercury is the second most dense planet in solar system after Earth. Mercury is 35983605.742 miles away from the sun. Even though that is really far away, it is still the closest planet to the sun.


Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system(not counting dwarf planets.) Mercury is only slightly bigger than our moon here in Earth. Mercury is about 20 times smaller than Earth.
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Fun Facts

1: Mercury is the second hottest planet event though it is closest to the sun

2: Mercury has no atmosphere(that is why it isn't the hottest planet. It cant regulate all of the temperatures.)

3: Mercury has no known moons

4: Mercury is named after Hermes the messenger of the gods. They named it after him because of the speed that Mercury orbits is fast and the Roman god was able to deliver fast.

Mercury discovery

Mercury was discovered by Galileo. Galileo discovered all of the planets but he did not know very much about the planets. Mercury orbits in only 88 days! This is due to its tilt. The tilt makes Mercury orbit faster than any other planet in the solar system.
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Our Solar System's Planets: Mercury