The Hour of Code

December 7 - 11 (updated 12/3/2015)

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The Hour of Code Begins Soon!

The week of December 7-11 is the week for The Hour of Code. This is a school-wide event in which all students are expected to participate. There are many ways that students can participate in this event. No prior experience or knowledge is required. Teachers are able to decide how their students will complete the Hour of Code. Students can easily access the Hour of Code website using the link(s) on the Alanton Student Page (top of page right under TenMarks link), or the iPad app that will be on all school iPads. There will be Hour of Code activities for students in all grade levels. The Hour of Code teaches concentration, persistence, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The Hour of Code games are designed to be self-directed.

Ways for Students to Participate:

  • Reserve the Computer Lab for 1 hour
  • Reserve the Computer Lab for two 30 minute sessions
  • Check out an iPad cart for 1 hour
  • Check out an iPad cart for the two 30 minute sessions
  • Set it up as your Technology Rotation for the week
  • Start the Hour of Code at school and have students access it at home to finish the game
  • Use the Promethean board and have students work on it as a whole group

Watch This Video! It explains how to play the Hour of Code

How to Run an Hour of Code

Teachers Have to Participate, Too!

This year's Hour of Code game has a Star Wars Theme. Here are links to this year's Star War Hour of Code game along with some of the other Hour of Code games. It is important for teachers to try out one of the Hour of Code game(s) BEFORE they introduce the Hour of Code to their students. Once you have played the game, you will understand how it works and be able to answer student questions. The games are designed to be self-directed.

Try Run Marco for students in grades K-2.

Teacher Tips for the Hour of Code

  • Teachers need to try out the game(s) BEFORE they try it with their students. This way you will know what to do and can answer your students' questions.
  • Watch the videos that are part of the game(s)! They give you hints and directions on how to master each level.
  • Read all the pop up boxes - They give tips to help you when you are having trouble.
  • Lower Grades and Inclusion classes can pair students up to work on the game as a team.
  • The games are not saved, so if you close the game, you have start all over again.
  • All Tech Cadets have played the Hour of Code games and can help answer questions in your class.
  • The Hour of Code is designed to be self-directed and teach problem solving skills. For students this is going to be difficult. If you have students who might become frustrated by such a task...pair them up with another student. It is okay for students to work in pairs or teams. This is a game and it is meant to be fun.
  • Certificates - If you make it the end of the get to print a certificate. :-)

iPad App

Students can also play the Hour of Code on the school iPads. I've added an app for the Star Wars games on all the iPads. Just look for the CODE icon.