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Week beginning 17th December

Secret Santa

What a great response we have had from everyone about our Secret Santa book borrowing this year. All the children have been very excited and most have enjoyed their new books. They have all promised me that they will be risk takers and try at least the first chapter. It has been a great way to get extra books into the hands of our children especially for the holidays. Research says that those children surrounded by books do better academically than those in book impoverished homes, so the more books the merrier!
Merry Christmas from Mrs. Gilchrist and Mrs. Tang.

This week Mrs. Gilchrist is reading....

The Friendship Doll By Kirby Larson.

A heartwarming story about four girls that opened a doll’s heart and soul. The characters were well illustrated and very well thought out. The Friendship Doll is very original and often told from a doll's perspective. It reminded me of a series of short stories. If you liked Hattie Big Sky you'll love this.
4 out of 5 stars for this historical fiction. Available in books stores now and the LC after Christmas.

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