Tech & Media Mashup

Edition 9- May 2016

iPad Collection for Grades 3-5

iPad collection for grades 3-5 will take place on June 2. I will send a letter to you by email for you to notify parents. You can do this by Class Dojo or however you normally communicate important information. I will also have a ConnectEd message sent.

This year, ALL iPads will need to be erased before turning them in to me. I am planning on taking the students through the steps of wiping their iPads when they come to the media center on collection day. I am working on a schedule for collection now. If you have a student who needs to make up a NCFE on the iPad, he/she will just keep their iPad until the assessment is complete.

I will be sending reminder letters with students who have not paid damage/lost fees determined from the iPad wellness check. Students who have not paid or attempted to set up a payment plan will not be able to participate in field day.

iPad Carts in Grades K-2 & CCAC Classes

K-2 iPad carts will be used by students in the summer school session being held here. You will leave all your apps on the devices, but you will need to delete all of the pictures and videos from each device. You can walk your students through to save yourself from having to touch each device.

Go to Photos>Albums and delete all pictures and videos. After deleting, make sure to click on the "Recently Deleted" album and delete all of those permanently.

I don't believe the CCAC carts will be used for summer school. We are working with Patrick, the EC technician, to get your iPads in working order for next year.

I will get back to you all as to where your carts will need to be placed over the summer.

Desktops & Projectors

Desktops: If you took your desktops out of your classroom this year, but have discovered you'd like to have them again next year, please let me know. I am going to have the extras picked up over the summer to free up some space. Please know that once they are gone, they aren't coming back. The technology warehouse is now empty. They have sold everything and aren't replacing desktops once we get rid of them.

Projectors: Please, please, please turn off your projectors when you aren't using them. As I was coming around to rooms to put labels on Apple tv's Wednesday, I went into 7 empty classrooms in which projectors were left on. We don't have any more replacement projectors and we don't keep replacement bulbs on hand due to their short shelf life. I know your projectors are a critical piece of your classroom setup and I want them to last for you!

Laptop Cart

We now have a working laptop cart that is ready and available for use. You will need to use the Sign Up Genius Link in Schoology (in the technology folder) to check out the cart. The cart is located in the media center right by the door to the computer lab. The laptops have your basic Apple applications such as Pages and Keynote and they are connected to wifi. They aren't currently set up to print, but next week I plan to add the media center printer to them for special circumstances such as projects.

Some things to remember:

  • Some of your students may not be familiar with using a MacBook Air. It would be best to give them a quick introduction to the functionality of it and best practices for use before using it for the first time.
  • Make sure your students have attached the charging cables to each laptop upon placing it back in the cart after each use.
  • Please return the cart to its spot as soon as your time slot has ended in order for it to be ready for the next class. Don't forget to plug the cart in to the wall after you return it!

End of Year Procedures

Due to our building being used for summer school and the usual shifting and movement that happens over the summer, I am going to organize and store some of your electronic equipment over the summer for safekeeping. Your items will be placed in a ziploc bag labeled with your classroom number and I'll distribute them back to your rooms at the beginning of next year. I will bring you a bag labeled with your room number closer to the last week of school. If you have a document camera or school issued speakers, you will place those and the cables attached to them in one of your cabinets. Below are the items to place in the bag and it's also listed on the "End of Year Checkout Sheet" that was in your boxes.

  • Apple tv
  • HDMI adapter connected to your Apple tv (small black box)
  • Remotes (for projector, Apple TV, flatscreen tv, etc)
  • Promethean Board Pen

From Mrs. Sloop...

Going Global

I know that I have shared The Global Read Aloud project with you before, but wanted to remind you about it so that you may consider it for next year. It begins in October, which usually seems to creep upon us as soon as the school year starts!

Mrs. Graff and I participated in last fall's project, sharing two chapter books (The Year of Billy Miller and Fish In A Tree) with students in grade 3-5 and several picture books by Amy Krouse Rosenthall for the K-2 author study.

Global Read Aloud can be as "global" as you would like it, with opportunities to make connections to classrooms as local as our county or state but as broad as countries around the world. I was able to connect with a librarian in Michigan and we have continued to stay in touch, even doing a Skype EBOB session with our EBOB team and theirs. The connections that can be made for us as educators and for our students are the the highlight of this program! Not to mention...sharing and connecting over some REALLY good books!

This year's featured books are:

K-2 picture books by Lauren Castillo (six week author study using all books)

  • Nana in the City
  • The Troublemaker
  • The Reader
  • The Yard Sale
  • Twenty Yawns
  • free choice book by Lauren Castillo

Chapter Books (your choice of one)

  • The BFG by Roald Dahl
  • Pax by Sarah Pennypacker

So, if you're excited about these books and would like to work together on The Global Read Aloud project, please let me know. I would love to share these great reads with our students and allow them to make connections over these books with students from all over!

For more information about the project, please visit: