The History of the Curve Ball

  • In 1886 A man at just age 17 made his first major league debut in the MLB by the name of Candy Cummings or Candy "Curve ball".
  • He Played his first game August 24th 1886 and started as the pitcher. He led his team to a 24-2 victory against the other team!
  • The secret to his success was that he knew how to throw a curve ball (When the ball is thrown to the batter and it curves away from where it looks like it is being pitched .
wicked curve ball in puerto rico

Present Time

The curve ball is still being thrown today along with many other pitches, but little leagues around the U.S are banning this pitch from being thrown! Why is this? A curve ball is a tricky pitch to throw, and if not thrown correctly it could ruin your arm for the rest of your life.

What it does to ruin your arm

When you throw a curve ball you throw it as hard as you can and its in kind of a flicking motion that comes across your body as shown here in this video: It eventually tears muscles in your arm little bits and bits until your arm gives in. In extreme cases your whole arm can even give in and break! Warning! The following video can be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised!

pitcher breaks arm

How throwing it wrong affects your arm

When throwing a curve ball you are at risk of tearing your anconeous muscle, (by your elbow) contorting your elbow (getting your elbow out of alignment) or other serious that could require Tommy John Surgery. (Tommy John was a pitcher in the Majors who had his whole UCL re-constructed.)

Order of pitches that can affect your arm least to greatest

10. Ephis

9. Knuckle

8. Change up

7. palm ball

6. Screwball

5. Slider

4. Three finger fast ball

3. Two seam

2. Four Seam

1. Curve ball (when thrown incorrectly)