Online vs. Campus Education

Week 4 Assignment- Opposing Viewpoints

Technology in the classroom

Technology in the classroom is used on a daily basis. Whether computers are used in a campus classroom, or if a student is seeking an online education, technology is a necessity to prepare students for a technology centered world. The obvious advantage of technology in the classroom is to keep the student real-world ready. A possible disadvantage is the chance of communication skills lacking.

Online education has grown in recent years.

The ability for students to learn at their own pace has contributed to a rise in the number of students enrolled in online learning. Campus classrooms also use more technology, because it offers a greater freedom in student learning and contributes to a greater success rate. Many students find the flexibility of an online education attractive, and therefore it is probable that the popularity of online education will continue to rise.

The affect online education has on teachers

The demand for teachers will remain constant as online education continues to rise. Teachers will always be a necessity in the classroom, whether campus or online based. Technology in the classroom is a benefit to teachers, because it will assist them in their teaching by providing their students with as much information as possible.