Myths, Legends, And questions

About The Titanic

Why did people say the Titanic was unsinkable?

This was a very popular myth until the Titanic sunk. They believed that it was unsinkable because of how long it had taken to build. The materials were strong but some were not. They thought the Titanic was invincible. The Titanic was to weak to stand the hit of the iceberg.

Did a band play while the Titanic was sinking?

This is a very popular question. This question is still to be answered. It all depends on the evidence like where did the music take place and the instruments we could find. The answer maybe yes but the real answer is still unknown.

Was the fourth boiler fake?

It is believed that one of the boiler did not connect to the boiler room and it was a fake and just acted as ventilation and other purposes. This boiler could be used for a purpose or extra weight to make the ship sink faster. This question could be answered from a crew member or a builder of the Titanic.
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Titanic boiler blueprint


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By: Ryan McCahill