The Husky Hub

By: Erick Ramirez

First, construction workers started building the Husky Hub in the library of Martin Elementary with 4 collaboration rooms.They made the Husky Hub so students could increase their level of studies.They made all of this from room 119 with 4 collaboration rooms. They started work on the Husky Hub over this last summer. Mr. Webster, Mr. Hart, Mrs. Boswell, Mrs. Golyshko, Dr. Burkey, Mrs. Gaudio were all a part of the process.The Husky Hub is mostly for guided reading groups. They will add E -Books, artwork, and more technology to the Husky Hub. The Husky Hub was designed to help students increase their reading levels and this helps them work together. In the breakout rooms, the TV and the remote to switch screens on different students’ tablets is a great way to help learning.