Pump Up the VOLUME

January Challenge - Reminder

Rockin January!

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to send a warm thank you to everyone for your hard work and determination to for a successful holiday season. You all did an amazing job and I am in awe at the sales volume you all did.

With that said, I'd like to keep the momentum going through this month and offer a chance at winning a gift certificate to either Amazon.com or iTunes for my FRONTLINE only. We all know you can buy pretty much anything at Amazon and iTunes has great apps we can buy to use for our businesses. Either way, it's your choice as to what you get.

To qualify for the gift card all you have to do is hit $1000 pv for the month of January. Anyone that hits that goal and emails me letting me know they did it, will be entered into the raffle for the gift card. I'll send out an email on Feb 1 to the winner of the contest.

Please let me know if you ladies have any questions... good luck!